New Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg Memorial Garden

The EmptyNesters have a special connection to the Weinbergs. Rabbi Weinberg created the EmptyNesters as a new auxiliary for older (but not too old) congregants to stay connected to the Temple, and Marcia Weinberg served as co-leader and spiritual center of the group for over 25 years. Between the Rabbi and Marcia, the EmptyNesters owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

We are hoping each of you will reach deeply into your pocket and contribute to this Garden. Any amount helps but if you can do $100 or $250 or $500 or more…that’s even better. It’s your call but we’d like to see everybody chip in as best they can.

To donate, please click on the Donate button. At the donations landing page, select “Joseph P. Weinberg Memorial Garden” from the drop down list. You can use any credit card or Paypal.

Thank you.

The WHC EmptyNesters